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Here at Switch Workplace Interiors, we offer commercial office refurbishments in Richmond and across the surrounding areas. Office refurbishment is about taking your current office space and turning it into a modern environment for your employees to thrive in. From creating dynamic working environments to office refurbishments that now embrace biophilic design, we can tailor a space that works for you. We have worked on all types of projects over the years, from small intimate office spaces to vast multi-floor projects.

When you choose us, we’ll create 3D designs and walkthroughs, to fully immerse you in our ideas before we start the fit out process. We have years of experience in the industry and have the skills and knowledge needed to handle any scale or type of office refurbishment work. If you’re looking for a company to take on a new office refurbishment in Richmond for you, then be sure to get in touch with Switch Workplace Interiors.


We provide professional interior office refurbishment services in Richmond and have worked with a wide array of clients over the years. Our service covers everything needed to handle your project from start to finish, we have a team of contractors we work with who handle all of our office refurbishments and renovations. So when you choose Switch Workplace Interiors for office refurbishment in Richmond, you’ll be in safe hands when you choose us.






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As one of the leading office refurbishment companies in Richmond, we are committed to providing one of the best office refurbishment services available in the local area. We are passionate about creating spaces that reflect your business and the needs of your employees. From old 1960s office blocks to office spaces that want to be at the cutting edge of design, we can create a design that ensures your office space is up to current standards and trends. Having carried out many office refurbishment projects in and around Richmond over the years, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service we provide.



As a local office refurbishment company in Richmond, we have a team of creative designers and contractors on hand to complete any project we undertake. From small office refurbishments to modern office refurbishments and much more, we can confidently undertake projects of any scale. Office refurbishing is no small task to undertake and that’s why we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure the finished result meets your exact requirements. When it comes to office refurbs, there are a number of things to consider and put into an office refurbishment checklist to ensure you choose the right company for you, these are:

  • Clearly define why an office refurbishment is needed

  • Plan the type of workplace that you think will work for you

  • Speak with an office refurbishment company about the above

  • Agreed on office refurbishment costs and overall budget

  • Allow your office refurbishment company to come up with a design

  • Set a completion date and let your chosen contractor manage the project

Every office refurbishment project is different and that’s why we tailor our office refurbishment service to suit your specific needs. All work is carried out by ourselves and contractors we regularly work with to ensure the highest standard of finish. For more information or to discuss a project with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Switch Workplace Interiors.


There are a number of reasons why business and building owners choose to refurbish office spaces. Whether it’s about improving productivity or you simply want a space that better reflects your brands, there are many reasons why people choose to carry out office refurbishments; some of the most popular reasons of which are:

  • To Improve Productivity

  • Refurbishment Is Cheaper Than Relocation

  • To Help Maximise Space

  • Helps To Improve Brand Image

  • Makes Better Use Of Redundant Space

  • Creates A Space That Is More Ergonomic And Sustainable

  • A Desire To Improve Creativity and Communication

No matter what your reasons for wanting to carry out office refurbishment might be, Switch Workplace Interiors is one hand to assist. We will take your ideas and combine it with our expertise to create an office refurbishment plan that meets your needs, budget and timescales. Just contact us today to book an initial consultation.



When it comes to office refurbishment, it can offer your business and employees a wide range of benefits. As experienced office refurbishers, we have put our heads together and come up with what we believe are some of the main benefits of office renovation:

  • Helps to improve productivity and sustainability

  • Create an overall more modern and adaptive workspace

  • You can better meet occupational health requirements

  • Improves the overall layout and flow of an office space

  • Reinforces your brand image and overall identify</li>


Over the years we have carried out office refurbishment for many clients in and around Richmond. With many happy clients, we have listened to their feedback and believe some of the reasons you should consider us for complete office refurbishment in Richmond are:

  • We have years of experience carrying out office refurbishment

  • Well-known reputation both locally and in the industry

  • We work across Richmond and the surrounding areas

  • Have a team of experienced office refurbishment contractors

  • We undertake projects of all sizes, budgets and timescales


What Our Clients Say About Our Office Design Services

We recently had our space redesigned by Switch. The redesign process was seamless, and the team worked closely with us to create a clean & contemporary design and fit out that has given a new professional finish for our team and visitors.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the service and end result. We look forward to working with them again in future works. 
I highly recommend Switch for anyone looking to redesign their spaces.
Thank you Switch, for a job well done!


-Matthew Austen [BGP Consulting]

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image of an office breakout table and acoustic curtain panels


Should you find yourself searching for “Office Refurbishment Companies Richmond”, “Office Renovation Richmond”, or something similar, then be sure to get in touch with us today. We have a wealth of industry experience and have worked on all types of office refurbishment projects over the years. From modern office refurbishments to sustainable office refurbishments, we will work with you to create a space that best suits your needs. For more information or to discuss an office refurb project with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our team is always on hand to assist.


What is office refurbishment?

An office refurbishment typically encompasses renovating and changing the interior of an office space, this covers things such as ceilings, floors, lighting, walls, windows and furniture. Office refurbishment can cover everything from simply changing a reception space to redesigning how each floor of the workplace functions.

How can office refurbishment help staff morale?

Office refurbishment can greatly help to boost employee morale in the workplace, from adaptive furniture to allow for flexible working to the introduction of better heating and lighting systems to ensure people are working in a comfortable environment, the list of benefits goes on. At Switch Workplace Interiors, we can explain how we think each part of a design will help improve employee morale and productivity.

How long does an office refurbishment take?

The length of time it takes to carry out office refurbishment will depend on a number of factors such as how much of the office is being refurbished and the work required to refurbish the office space. When you choose us, we will provide timescales in relation to the project and will aim to cause the least amount of disruption as possible to your business.

How much does it cost to refurbish an office?

The cost of office refurbishment will depend on the level of work required, what fixtures and fitting are needed and the size of the space being renovated. We offer individual quotes for all office refurbishment work to ensure our clients receive a fair quote for the work needed, as no two office refurb projects are the same.

How do I find a company to refurbish my office?

If you’d like to discuss office refurbishment with us, then simply fill in our contact form or drop us an email on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0333 210 1309.


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